Advanced Testing and Materials inc.

Advanced Testing and Materials inc.

Past Projects


Spaceport America

Along with traditional soils, asphalt, and concrete testing, ATMI provided testing of the infrastructure for internal roads, sewer, water supplies, and support testing for the terminal. 


El paso international airport

ATMI provided concrete and soils testing for the reconstruction of Runway 826 and supporting taxiways, which required 20,000 cubic yards of concrete.


Las Cruces City Hall

A 3-story steel-frame construction employing a foundation system of over 80 drilled piers. ATMI provided services of full-time pier instillation and steel inspection with concrete soils and asphalt testing. 


U.s. Federal Court house of Las Cruces

A 6-story concrete and steel frame structure with specialized foundation elements and security elements. ATMI provided full-time soils and footing inspection, steel reinforcement inspection, and concrete, soils, and asphalt testing. Approximate construction cost $85 million.


Las Cruces aquatics center

Multi-story, multi-use, steel frame facility with conventional foundation elements. ATMI provided specialized concrete testing for the pool systems in addition to conventional soils, concrete and asphalt testing.


Roadrunner Blvd.

A mill and overlay of approximately 3 miles of arterial roadway. ATMI provided all acceptance testing of 13,000 tons of superpave asphalt testing.