Advanced Testing and Materials inc.

Advanced Testing and materials inc.

About Us

Advanced Testing and Materials, Inc. (ATMI) opened in 2003.  ATMI is a locally owned, full service geotechnical engineering and materials testing company that provides a wide range of construction materials testing services to Southern New Mexico and Southwest Texas.

We employ qualified TTCP technicians and additional staff dedicated to reporting and record keeping.  We offer field inspections and lab analysis of all construction materials for residential, commercial and industrial projects. ATMI is capable of providing full analysis of all types of “Superpave” systems.  We are currently one of the few local labs retained by the City of Las Cruces to do so.  ATMI utilizes state of the art equipment for the purpose of delivering accurate results in a timely fashion.  It is important to us to provide our clients with outstanding service.   

We are also pleased to report that ATMI has maintained accreditations with both the Association of American State Highway and Transportation Officials, otherwise known as the "National AASHTO Accreditation Department" and the American Society of Testing and Materials, or "ASTM". We are a member of AGC of America (The Associated General Contractors of America). ATMI has been approved by the NMDOT and FFA.

Some Past Projects have included:

  • Highways and Bridges
  • Commercial and Institutional Complexes
  • Planned Communities
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Airport Terminals, Runaways, Taxiways and Parking Aprons
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Pipelines and Transmission Lines