Advanced Testing and Materials inc.

Advanced Testing and Materials inc.

Scope of Services

Advanced Testing and Materials Inc. provides a broad range of materials engineering, materials testing, and QA/QC services for the design and construction of new projects as well as the investigation of existing structures. ATMI’s professional and technical staff can perform standard test methods and modify or develop new test procedures to fit the needs of any particular project. A summary of laboratory and field testing procedures routinely performed by ATMI’s laboratory is presented below:

Earthwork and Soils Testing

  • Field density determinations
  • Atterberg limits
  • Moisture-density relationship
  • California bearing ratio (CBR)
  • Freeze/ thaw analysis
  • Moisture content
  • Hydrometer analysis
  • Density of undistributed samples
  • R-values
  • Soil/ lime/ cement mix design
  • Specific gravity

Aggregate Testing

  • Organic impurities
  • Sand equivalent
  • Clay lumps, friable, flat and elongated particle
  • Los Angeles abrasion
  • Alkali reactivity
  • Sulfate soundness
  • Fractured face count
  • Sieve analysis
  • Lightweight pieces in aggregate
  • Liquid limit and plasticity index
  • Unit weight of aggregate
  • Percent passing No. 200
  • Specific gravity and absorbin

Concrete/ Masonry Testing

  • Compressive and flexural
  • Time of set
  • Drying/lineal shrinkage
  • Mix design/ verification yield and temperature
  • Windsor probe/ Schmidt Hammer
  • Slump, air content, unit weight strength
  • Coring
  • Modulas of elasticity

Asphalt Testing

  • Asphaltic density tests (nuclear)
  • Compressive strength
  • Super Pave testing
  • Index of retained strength
  • Strip test
  • Asphalt mix design
  • Extraction and sieve analysis
  • Ash content
  • Marshall density, stability and flow
  • Density/ thickness of asphalt cores
  • Maximum theoretical specific gravity